Wind Turbine Tower

Tubular Steel Towers


Most of the large wind turbines are equipped with tubular steel towers. Due to the short installation time requirements this type of tower is most common in commercial wind turbines.

Manufactured in sections of 20-30 meters with flanges at either end and afterwards trucked to the actual location of installation, segments are bolted together on site. Their conical shape increases the strength and saves material at the same time. Wall thickness of steel towers (maximum weight 100t) range from 4 - 20 inch.

Lattice Tower Wind Turbine, Photo: M.Groth

Lattice Tower


Lattice towers are constructed using welded steel beams. They offer a basic cost advantage over tubular towers, since construction involves only half as much material providing a similar stiffness. They also allow the wind to pass through them offering less resistance i.e. a lower tower shadow effect, allowing tower heights of more than 160m. Due to their lower visual and aesthetical appeal (debatable) lattice towers became less important as support structure. 

Concrete Tower

Video: Steel tower production

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