Wind farms in Northern Germany

Wind Technology

Reliable electrical power production from wind dates back more than hundred years when rural communities in Denmark started to explore wind power and wind turbines as a decentralized energy source.


Back in the U.S. Charles F. Brush constructed at the turn of the century his first wind turbine charging 12 batteries supplying 350 light bulbs and 3 motors with electricity.

The commercial utilization of wind power starts back in 1973/74 with the first energy crisis and gets even more momentum with California taking the decision (1980) to cover 10% of the states energy demand through wind turbines by 2000.

Wind turbines consist of three basic parts: the tower, the nacelle, and the rotor blades. The tower is either a lattice tower, a tubular steel tower or a tower made of concrete. The tower of a modern wind turbine is up to 300 feet tall.

Todays wind turbines produce energy nearly every day  (approximately 300 days per year). Drive systems adjust rotor and rotor blades according to wind speed and direction to maximize the energy yield

Wind Turbine Construction