Geographical orientation - Azimuth angle
Geographical orientation - Azimuth angle

Geographical orientation - azimuth angle


Besides other the optimum geographical orientation of the PV modules is an important factor that determines the amonut of solar energy collected. A solar panel facing south (Azimuth 180°) promisses the highest energy yield.


To maximize the collection of the daily and seasonal solar energy possible, PV modules should be oriented geographically. In the northern hemisphere the optimum orientation for a PV module is true south (Azimuth 180° (in Europe 0°)). However, PV modules can face up to 45º east or west of true south without significantly decreasing their performance. Use the calculator for calculation azimuth and altitude.

Calculator - azimuth and altitude

Finding true south - optimal azimuth orientation. Determine the geographical orientation of your specific location.

Postal Code
Altitude above sealevel
*Example "545 Seventh Street SE, Washington DC". All data is derived from Google maps. The map overlay helps to determine the orientation of your specific location. The map section follows a north - south orientation with north being at the top and true south - an azimuth angle of 180° - at the bottom of the section. With most of the pictures been taken at clear skies there may be first a indication on objects shading. The results are for information only and can only serve as an indication. No guarantee. For more information send us an E-mail.