Daily Manure Production for Livestock, Source: Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook Notice WI-25, January 2005

Farm Based Digesters / Dairy Digesters

Today still most of the anaerobic digesters are related to a farm-based environment or dairies. Nutrient management, odor control or simply managing the manure are the key driving factors for installing a digester.


Farm materials such as liquid manure coming from cattle or hog or solid manure from poultry, horse, cattle and hog can easily be digested.

Besides the biogas produced and the energy generated during the process, anaerobic digestion has some more advantages. 

AD as a manure treatment technology helps to manage nutrients and converts manure into a valuable soil conditioner or bedding for cows. With the leftover solids being more or less pathogen free, they can serve as a nutrient with minimal impact to ground and well water.


Odor control is another major benefit to the environment. Microorganisms break down the fatty acids during the process leaving the digestate literally odor free.

Anaerobic Digesters at Vir-Clar Farm, Wisconsin