Digester Substrates

Anaerobic digesters are capeable to work on a wide variety of organic substrates, but care needs to be taken regarding process management to ensure a proper bio-chemical environment for the methane producing bacteria doing all the work.


Typical substrates include:

Manure                    - cattle, hog or poultry, etc.
- Energy Crops            - corn, switch grass, miscanthus, etc.
- Organic Materials      - household or food waste, grease trap waste
                                  (FOG), material from food processors and
                                   slaughterhouses, glycerine from bio-diesel
                                   production and stillage from ethanol production

Knowledge of the effects each substrate has on the digester is critical to effectively operating the system.

Substrate feeding has to be customized to accommodate a variety of organic materials to feed the digester on regular intervals.