What is Biomass Energy? - About Biogas

What is Biomass Energy? Biogas i.e. bio-methane production is pretty much an omnipresent microbial process happening naturally in the absence of oxygen.


Anaerobic digesters take advantage of this process allowing for a bio-technical constant anaerobic environment optimizing microbial requirements.

Biogas is generated when organic material is microbially broken down. Organic matter can be defined as all substances of herbal or animal origin with high carbon content.

Substrates used successfully in anaerobic digesters are liquid and solid manure from hog, poultry and cattle as well as vegetable matter, stillage, grass cutting, remains of food production and FOG?s.

The biogas yield is highly dependent on the substrates fed to the digester. Organic dry matter content as well as substrate related inhibition or needed retention- and breakdown time have an influence on final gas production and gas quality. The higher the methane content the higher the actual energetic value off the gas.