Containerized gen-set

Genset packaging - Generator packaging

Genset and generator packaging can help to provide a flexible solution to on site heat and power production. Containerized gensets normally come as ready to operate units including the emergency cooler, silencer, pressue regulation and controls.


Larger dairy farms or food processing plants can generate a huge portion of their power and heat consumed from remains and leftover materials. Anaerobic digestion and resulting biogas is a good source for combustion in lean burn gas engines.

Flexible containerized units ready to operate range from 190 to 1000 kW electrical power output. The same amount of energy can generally be recovered through heat exchanger as thermal energy serving space heating, water heating and of cause heating the digester.


For larger power requirements - up to 3,000 kW - gas engines have to be installed inside a building.


All lean burn engines have to be in line with the EPA emission standards.

gas engines up to 4,000 kW by 2g
gas engines up to 4,000 kW by 2g

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