Water Wash Gas Scrubber Technology

Water wash gas scrubber technology increases the CH4 content of biogas produced with anaerobic digesters. Water wash gas scrubber technology consists of the following main components: Absoption column and desorbtion column, compressor, blower, cooler and a subsequent dryer unit. 


Before biogas meets the water wash gas scrubber, hydrogen sulfur levels should be reduced and most of the water should be taken out.


With biogas entering the absorption column H2S and CO2 are removed. The most economic separation rate for CO2 ranges around 96 percent. Higher rates lead to an increased loss of methane.


Biogas enters the scrubber from the bottom. Increasing pressure in the absorption column conveys H2S und CO2 into the wash water. Biogas or now 96% Methane leaves the column at the top and is dried.


The H2S and CO2 enriched wash water is lead through a two stage recycling unit. By lowering the pressure H2S and CO2 is released. The methane fraction, captured under pressure, is also released and fed back into the absorption column. The exhaust gas contains approx. 0,1 vol.% H2S and approx. 30 vol.% CO2. The depressurized wash water is re-used for scrubbing.

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