Bio-Power Generation

The energy provided by biogas can be utilized in multiple ways for bio-power generation. Used as boiler gas for space heating or for combustion in CHP units generating heat and power, up-graded to natural gas quality ready to go to public grid or compressed to CNG as biofuel for cars and motors. 


The simplest way to yield on energy provided by bio-methane is to supply a boiler unit making hot water or steam for local purposes.


Most common is combustion in an engine or CHP Unit to produce heat and power. Gas motors used for biogas are specially design systems, capeable to combust gases with low calorific value and fluctuating compositions but still keeping the emissions low.


Biogas up-grading and subsequent supply to the public grid is becoming more interesting for mid-size and larger digester operations. Technically biogas is elevated to natural gas quality. 


Cleaned, methane enriched and compressed biogas can serve as an environmentally friendly and cost effective biofuel for CNG propelled vehicles (compressed natural gas).


- CHP cogeneration units

- gas cleaning

- compressed natural gas 


gas engines up to 4,000 kW by 2g
gas engines up to 4,000 kW by 2g

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