Dewatering digester solids and manure
Dewatering digester solids and manure

Separation - Dewatering of Digester Solids

Separation or dewatering of digester solids has become a common process amongst bio-digesters in order to obtain an easier storable product and manage nutrients a the same time.


Depending on the substrate and the separation technology applied 10 - 35% of total nitrogen (N) and 10 - 90% of total phosphorous (P) can be removed from the liquid phase.


Besides the nutient management separation has some handling advantages for the liquid phase:


    • No build up of floating layers or crusts and no bottom sludges.
    • Homogenization i.e. mixing befor spreading is not necessary.
    • Hauling and spreading requires a simpler technology.
    • Liquids can go back to the process to adjust dry matter content.
    • Solids are easily storable, stabilised and can be used as soild conditioner or bedding.


To dewater digester solids the following technilogies can be applied:


dewatering manure and digester solids

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