Central Mixer unit

Central mixer (axialmixers) are slow-moving agitators mixing the biomass substrates within the digester at 12-18 rpm.

The central mixer will be built into the digester so that the shaft of the agitator comes to a vertical position. (horizontally built-in for plug-flow-digesters).

Depending on the height there will be usually 1-2 stirrers put on the shaft. These propellers will be arranged on top and at the bottom of the shaft and can be adjusted to the diameter of the digester. The shaft is stored at the bottom of the digester or proceeds without storage.

All electrical parts, the driving motor (15 kw at app. 2000 sm) and the gear unit are located at the outside of the digester.
Depending on its stucture the central mixer homogenizes substrates with a TS-assay up to 12%.