Mixing or Mixers are an important component within the complete mix digester technology helping to maximize biogas yield.


Mixers are specially designed and laid out according to fermenter volume and substrate properties like viscosity ensuring a homogenous digester content and the rapid distribution of fresh substrate entering the digester.

The constant agitation of the liquids enhances substrate and subsequently nutrient availability for the bacterial biomass. Bacteria have a sufficient food supply at all times. Anaerobic digestion takes place undisturbed.

At the same time mixing prevents building of dead zones inside the digester and keeps fine particles in suspension.

Mixers in anaerobic digesters

Besides a lot of technical possibilities there are four main solution when it comes down to mixers. All of them are well established an proven with in the complete mix digester technology.


More than 60% of all complete mix anaerobic digester are equiped with submersible mixers. Agitation of liquid digester content in the remaining 40% is performed by shaft mixers, paddle mixers or central mixers.