progressive cavity pump Photo: Netzsch
progressing cavity pumps Photo: Netzsch

Progressing cavity pumps

Progressing cavity pumps are positive displacement pumps. Single-level as well as double-level pumps are found in biomass digester systems.


Run by gear engines, they work with pressure heads up to 3 bars (max. 5 bars). They can pump liquid substrates with a TS of 5-6% (max. 15%).

To minimize wearout, rotational speeds of 200-500 rpm are seeked. Rotors are usually hard-chrome-plated.

The slipwashers luting the pumpbody have to be suited to the certain agricultural terms.

For monitoring and possible error-messages there are frequently pressure gages and temperature sensors built in.

The suction height of progressing cavity pumps used on biomass-systems is 1-3 ms. During installation, sucksided short ways are necessarily.

Positive cavity pumps biogas

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