Vertical mixer - feeder mixer, photo: G. Schmihing

Stationary mixer feeder - vertical mixer feeder

Stationary mixer feeder or vertical mixer feeder handle solid farm and off-farm materials providing a homogenous substrate to the anaerobic digester. Vertical mixer feeders help to supply the right amount of nutrients to the digester.  


Substrates containing a high solid content or rich in fibrous material (e.g. straw) can be processed with vertical mixers or mixer feeders.


    • Gras silage
    • Round or square bales
    • Solid manure


Material that went through a mixer feeder has a homogenous structure and is more precisely fed to the digester and dissolves more easily. The nutrient level is kept more constant.


Filling and feeding intervals in these systems are load cell controlled and transmit weight data to a central control unit. This secures a substrate management in line with the nutrient supply needs of the digester.


An advantage of these systems is the ability to integrate flexibly into a digester plant. Space requirements for filling the system and feeding lines can be adjusted to the on site needs.