Digester Roof

Flexible double-membrane roofs are most common covering anaerobic digesters. Double-membrane roofs form a two in one solution covering an anaerobic digester, offering flexible gas storage and protection from the elements at the same time. 


The outer roof endures the elements.  An air pump maintains the pressure giving the outer membrane its shape and stability while applying pressure to the gas storage. The inner gas containment roof adjusts to the methane production and accommodates the biogas. Through this a constant flow of methane reaches the biogas engine (CHP) for combustion.

The pressure regime insde the gasholder ranges between 0.4 and 0.7 psi. An intgrated desulfurization can have a hugh impact on the gas quality


The dual roof construction provides an additional level of insulation in the winter while maintaining flexible gas storage capacity allowing for an efficient operation of the subsequent co-generation unit (CHP).



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