Sulfur precipitation calculator

Calculating the amount of precipitating agent such as iron II chloride needed for sulfur precipitation in anaerobic digesters.
Sulfur concentration in the gas phase
H2S concentration ppm
Gas production per day m³/d
Precipitatable sulfur g/d

Sulfur concentration in anaerobic sludge
H2S concentration g S/m³ (mg/l)
Daily feed entering the digester m³/d
Precipitatable sulfur g/d

*Total precipitating agent (Iron salt) [gal] Am [l]
*Yearly amount of iron salt [m³/a]

* The results are for information only and can only serve as an indication. No guarantees. All results are based on the assumption that iron II chloride (FeCl2) is used as a precipitating agent with an active substance of 20% and a desitiy of 1,365 kg/m³ (1kg/m³ = 64lbs/ft³) = 87.36 lbs/ft³. For acurate and more site specific results bio-chemical lab tests are required. For more information send us an E-mail.