Sulfur accumulation inside a digester

Desulfurization - Biogas treatment


Why desulfurize? Desulfurization - biological or chemical - as well as the treatment technology behind it are important factors to keep the digester operation efficient. Elevated hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentrations can cause problems for the gas engines. Combustion leads to formation of sulfur dioxide leading to increasing corrosion and a significant drop in oil pH and subsequent more frequent oil changes.


Depending on the substrate composition more or less hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is produced. Proteins that carry sulfur compounds are microbially broken down and release sulfur. In an environment lacking oxygen hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is formed.


30% of the total hydrogen sulfide (H2S) formed with anaerobic digestion passes over into the gas phase. The rest stays dissolved within the substrate.


Technical solution to desulfurize:


where microbes fix the sulfur


where metal ions form sulfides


Warning: Methane can form a highly incendive and explosive gas mixture in connection with air.

These installation should only be carried out by authorized and trained personal or companies.