Biogas analyzers - Biogas sensors

Biogas analyzers and sensors measuring methane (CH4) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) content help to forcast digester performance, contribute to a stable digester operation and indicate possible future corrosion problems.


Biogas composition gives an insight into the anaerobic digestion process and it?s performance. Decreasing methane (CH4) or increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) levels indicate an incomplete biological substrate degradation e.g. due to too much food for the digester organisms (organic load). 


For the biogas engines connected to the anaerobic digester it is important to keep hydrogen sulfate level (H2S) low. Biogas sensors continuously analyzing the sulfate (H2S) levels can prevent corrosion and bearing failures.


Different methods and gas sensors are applied:


    • thermal conductivity (CO2, CH4)
    • optical sensors - infrared-based detection methods (CO2, CH4)
    • electrochemical gas sensor (H2S, O2)
    • paramagnetic sensors (O2)


A combination of methods and technologies is normally found in biogas in-line gas analyzers.