Complete mix anaerobic digester


Anaerobic digesters form an integral component amongst the renewable energy technologies. They are an important factor offering decentralised power supplies and contribute to a better nutrient management.


The anaerobic treatment of organic material such as manure, energy crops or remains from food production help generating electricity, heat or gas for later combustion or CNG. Fed to the local grid biogas is able to provide electrical power or gas to local homes or can serve as fuel for private or commercial mobility.

Ecologically and economically biogas is an important renewable energy source - saving energy resources and forming an alternative to fossil fuels .

Substrates fed to the anaerobic digesters are either renewable materials like energy crops, manure or waste products now being used more energy efficient. The operation of anaerobic digesters is completely carbon neutral. CO2  biologically fixed in e.g. plant matter is now released.

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